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Bid Hire Employment Services
Visibility: Public
Type: Business
Owner: Mark Kaftanskiowns this group. Mark Kaftanski
Date Created: 9/3/2008
City: Chicago
Description: Are you looking for part time work or temporary employment? Odd jobs in your area? Just register to use our employment services, post your job description and let employers come to you!

Need odd jobs doing? Do you offer part time work or temporary employment? Register, then use our free job search engine to find the right people for the job in your area, and bid for their employment services.
We have endeavored to build an employment services website that would fill a very important niche in online job searches i.e. part time work, temporary employment, and even odd jobs, and we have done so in an auction format. Here you can post your job description at your leisure and have interested people bid on your employment services. Are you a babysitter? Do you mow lawns? Paint houses? Run errands? A caregiver? People are looking for these employment services all of the time, especially when they just need someone in a pinch, or just every now and then. Before Bidhire, there was nowhere else to go and find someone to baby-sit in your area tonight. There was no place to go to find someone to mow your lawn, or to run errands. We have filled that need and done it in such a way as to maximize your earnings potential, and at a very low cost to you. Please take your time and look over our site. Become familiar with it, and then use it to your advantage. We only ask the following of you once you register:

1. Please obey all rules as posted.
2. Please do not abuse our auction with posts other than services offered. If you do, you will be banned from ever using our resources again. And we do use IP tracking and not email addresses, so please heed this warning.
3. Please always be sure to put your city and state, or city and country in the header and/or body of your ad. If you do not, you will be losing out on potential jobs. People will be looking for postings in their particular area, so this must always be included.

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